A personal trainer helps you achieve your personal goals in a way that suits you.

A personal trainer offers you the personal guidance you need to start and win your personal race – in an effective, responsible and sustainable way.

Duo training

If you prefer to train together, that is also possible! Come together with a friend, partner or colleague!

Junior training

Do you get stuck as a teenager? Or do you notice as a parent that your teenager is getting stuck? Please contact me so that we can explore the possibilities for Personal training & coaching.

I am convinced that I can activate your adolescent again!

Elderly training

Do you want to be able to carry out your daily tasks independently for as long as possible? I will make sure that you will develop more strength, that your muscle mass will increase, so that in addition to becoming stronger, you will also become fitter and more vital.

Personal training especially for the elderly reduces the risk of injuries!

Personal coaching

If you are stuck in your work, you have in most cases overworked yourself. To get out of this, it is important to get some rest, not to work for a while.
During this period of rest, exercise is essential for a faster recovery. When you move you learn to relax in a different way.

When I start working with you, we not only train, but during the training we also talk about how you can take care of your body and mind more sustainably when you go back to work.

Coaching is essential to adjust your lifestyle. Being aware of and having insight into your own behavior is very important to change your behavior and to make it permanent! You cannot impose inspiration and motivation on someone, this has to come from within. You are only really motivated if you consciously or unconsciously want something very badly.

I like to talk to companies that want sustainable guidance for their employees.


InMotion Personal Training & Personal Coaching takes place at International Health Spa Wellness & Fitness in The Hague. At this place I have all the facilities to offer you the very best training. You can also use the wellness facilities that the club offers.

Extensive facilities

The training takes place at Health Spa Welness & Fitness in The Hague. Here we have all the facilities at our disposal that are needed. You can also use the sauna and swimming pool here after the training sessions. If desired, the training sessions can also take place outside.

Years of experience

As an ex-top athlete, I know what it’s like to have to ‘go through’ something. I therefore understand what is needed and where there are obstacles. I have been a personal trainer for many years, have obtained various diplomas and know a
lot about physical limitations and how to deal with them.

Personal training schedules

Every person is unique, so everyone gets a unique training schedule with me. We draw up this schedule together and after a few weeks we discuss the progress and adjust it. This way the workouts always remain challenging.


We agree on a fixed time during the week for the intake interview. If you work with
shifts or rosters, then we can also see what your possibilities are.

Water bottle, towel, training shoes for the hall

All training can be canceled free of charge 24 hours before the start. Workouts that
canceled within 24 hours will be charged.